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released May 12, 2016

D Evans, K Stein, J Reiners, R Azzopardi, J Waddell



all rights reserved


THE BURDEN Byron Bay, Australia

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Track Name: Unlearn
Walking now on the edge of the earth, all corners of the world ablaze.
Shadows fall and cancel the light out, as we enter our darkest days.
Chaos shakes us to our very foundation, true terror in the hearts of the brave.
Seeking peace through an act of violence, never learning the error of our ways.

There is a light here for all the darkness.
There is a hope here for all the heartless.
We will rise above, we will always fight.
We move against the grain, we will hold the light.

Eye for an eye sends the whole world blind.
A closed fist holds the rage of a closed mind.
We must rebuild, we must unlearn.
Everything we've seen and everything we've heard.

We hold the light.

Eye for an eye sends the whole world blind.
Track Name: Runaways
We are the runaways, we dont belong.
We are the cast aside, we carry on.

Lost souls, nowhere to go and no one to turn to.
Fading, reaching out into the dark I found you.
At the bottom of the barrel with me.
Back to back we found our feet.
Unending courage, a promise to bind us,
never giving in to self defeat.

Pushing on we never follow blindly,
runaways we belong to the night.
Chasing sunsets over every horizon,
until the end you are my guiding light.
We never lose the hope in our hearts.
We never lose the spark in our eyes.
This is our path and we continue the journey,
runaways we belong to the night.

Eyes wide, hopes high.
Track Name: Diamonds
I feel that time is passing by me so fast,
No looking back I can't live in the past.
From all those yesterday's, I found a better way,
No looking forward with the world in my hands.
New beginnings crashing waves over me,
Taking these weathered hands and washing them clean.
I will not walk away, I'm living for today,
And I'll become who I'm supposed to be.

Kept under lock and key,
The secrets of the world.
Revealing everything I ever thought I knew.

It can't rain everyday, there has to be a way,
To shift this cloud above my head.
The sun sinks below the horizon,
This life; a precious diamond.
I'll never let another day pass by,
Because time won't wait.

Open your eyes and see with me now,
All the things we thought we always knew.
Track Name: Collapse
There is no light to guide me,
I walk alone in this city of darkness.
All of their moments gone in an instant,
devoid of feeling, this lost and the heartless.
I feel the wind push me right past,
Another face on another stranger.
The sun sinks below the skyline,
Another day and nothing changes.

I can't breathe again.
My lungs collapse and I suffocate.
The room starts to spin,
I'm fading out I can't escape.

The walls are closing in on me.
I can't sleep, I can't speak, I can't fucking see.
Give me a second just to breathe.
This will be the end of me.

There is no light to guide me.
There is no fight inside me.
Track Name: Blue and Black
Coward, this blood is on your hands.
You cannot wash away the horrors of your past.
Lies, force fed and led astray.
Blind eyes have been turned to this for far too long.

The innocent are dead and dying,
Closed eyes, you turn your back.
Keep secrets of violation,
In your heart of blue and black.
Cast down, their lives expire,
In the dark with nothing to hold.
No remorse, your stare is vacant,
In your eyes of ice and cold.

I hope this haunts you as you sleep.