Unequal | Unbalanced


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B-sides and Demos. Unequal | Unbalanced


released January 10, 2016

J.Waddell, D.Evans, K.Stein, J.Reiners, J.Ashworth



all rights reserved


THE BURDEN Byron Bay, Australia

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Track Name: Shallow Grave
Confusion. White lights blinding me.
I am losing my mind, can't force myself to breathe.
Drowning. Long nights, broken sleep.
I'm just so fucking tired, your voice is haunting me.
I chase your ghost.
Over and over I walk these broken roads.
I follow in your footsteps, chasing your ghost.
Wasting away alone in this shallow grave.
Track Name: Decay
We are the decay, cancer with a pulse.
Searching for stability in times of desperation.
Close your eyes tight, tell yourself another lie.
Fall down to your knees and watch it burn before you.
We are the decay.
A plague with no purpose.
Determined to succeed.
But destined for destruction.
We wash away the guilt, we say we're making progress.
We are the decay. The plague sent to destroy.
Track Name: Heartsick
Love, love torn from my hands.
Time, time it heals nothing.
Love, love turned my bones to ash.
Time, time froze my heart.
Leave me here, watch the light leave my eyes.
Bury me.
Inhale. Exhale.
Bury me in this shallow grave.
Bury me.
Track Name: Numb
I am so numb.
Time after time, I blame myself.
Last night I kissed you goodbye for the first and last time.
Darling I'm sure you know I don't feel a thing.
I am so numb.
Time after time I blame myself.
I am so numb to the feeling of abandon.
Turn your back and walk away.
Everyone else does.
Track Name: Waste
I wore my heart out on my sleeve, and wore it out for you and me.
I gave you all of me, and you gave nothing back.
You just take and take until there's nothing left.
I hope you realise when it's too late.
I hope you wake up bitter and alone.
The path you walk is lit with burning hearts.
You walk alone in silent disregard.
You carve your name into their lips.
So they can taste you with every kiss.
Track Name: Breathe
Your hands around my throat, getting tighter with every breath.
The weight of the world rests on my shoulders.
Slowly crushing the life from me, I can't breathe. I can't breathe.
So let the tide roll in and wash me out to sea.
You are the most beautiful shipwreck that I have ever seen.
Hold me under just a little bit longer, I can't breathe. I can't breathe.
With a thousand words to say, but no voice to scream.
In silence I'll fade away with only memories.
You are the most beautiful shipwreck that I have ever seen.
Hold me under just a little bit longer.
I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.
Track Name: Divide
Find me where the sky meets the sea,
and tell me all your darkest secrets.
I am the deafening silence, I am the calm before the storm.
You are the war inside me, raging on and on and on.
I had the words to close this divide, if only I had spoken my mind.
Lost in the dark again.
Losing grip and sinking and sinking,
I'm reaching and falling.
I promise. I promise I was reaching for you.
It wasn't your cross to carry, so I let you go.
No peace.
No piece of mind.